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It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t pondered the thought of spinning a slot machine only to land a life-changing jackpot. Well, this dream has never been closer to becoming a reality than it is now – all thanks to online casinos.

Online gambling is immensely popular in Latvia as well. There are plenty of professional online gambling sites where every gambler can fulfill that amazing dream or just spend a cool evening filled with adrenaline-rush that you might encounter when you see how symbols are all lining up on a payline.

Since online gambling is still a relatively new subject, de Rome gives you insights into this fascinating glamorous world and offers helpful advice to enjoy your gambling venture fully. From discussing bonuses or different Latvian online casinos to giving tips or answering your pressing questions regarding gambling – you can find all of that right here.

If you’re already familiar with online gambling but are looking to find the best Latvian online casinos, then look no further – we’re listing the top casinos together with information about casino bonuses you can claim once you decide to open an account at the casino.

Why Should You Play in Online Casinos

Online gambling is still a fairly new concept that might seem strange at first. Imagine spinning slot machine’s reels or playing blackjack – online casino is not usually what pops into mind.

However, there are several good reasons why you should opt for the virtual gambling experience instead of visiting a brick-and-mortar casino:

  • Convenience – let’s be honest, who has the time to actually go out after an exhausting workday? Even though Latvian physical casinos are well-located and easily accessible, no one can deny that it’s much easier to open your browser and enjoy hundreds of games, all without even leaving your couch.
  • Flexibility – one of the reasons why online gambling is so popular, is the flexibility it offers. Let’s say you open an account in one online casino but after playing for a while, you discover it doesn’t really cater to your needs. You can start playing in another casino within literally minutes, making it very easy to find the perfect choice for your taste.
  • Choices – for obvious reasons, physical casinos can’t really offer hundreds of games – they simply don’t have the floor space for that. However, most Latvian online casinos offer hundreds of video slots, table games, sports betting and many other gambling types.
  • Bonuses – though physical casinos also organize different campaigns or promotions, they can’t compete with the bonus offers online gambling sites have. From free spins to cash – almost every online casino offers various bonuses to both new and loyal customers.

Playing in Latvian Physical Casinos

Shangri La Casino, RigaOffline gambling, exactly like online gambling, is a rather new entertainment niche which has just received its start this past couple of years thanks to Latvian government’s regulations enabling gambling operators to organize games for Latvian customers. The industry is now blooming with more than 100 casinos across Latvia – Riga being, of course, the most prominent casino hub where you can find almost half of those gambling halls.

There are 3 main casino operators who run gorgeous brick-and-mortar casinos in Latvia:

  • Olympic – Olympic Casinos are well-known by most gambling enthusiasts, especially since the company owns tens of casinos throughout all three Baltic states. Originated from Estonia, Olympic Group is one of the most versatile gambling operators, providing everything from poker and sports betting to high-quality slot machines.
  • Alfor (Admiral) – though Alfor casinos are a bit less known, they are especially loved due to a great selection of slot games. Besides getting a chance to play with authentic slot machines, Alfor casinos have a delightful atmosphere that’s perfect for a friends’ night out.
  • KlondaikaKlondaika is actually one of the biggest casino brands in Latvia besides Olympic, but similarly to Alfor/Fenikss has put its focus on slot machines. What makes them stand out is their unique selection of Novomatic slot machines which are not so commonly found in other physical casinos.

Though there are other gambling operators working throughout Latvia, these 3 are by far the most prominent ones that are guaranteed to fulfill your gambling wishes.

When it comes to the selection of games available, most Latvian offline casinos are focused more on slot machines which have proven to be gambler’s favorite casino games. However, even those casinos who mainly focus on slot games have a selection of electronic games like roulette, bingo or video poker. To play more serious table games like blackjack or poker it’s wise to opt for bigger casinos such as Olympic.

Best Casino Hotels in Riga

Radisson Blu Hotel, Riga

Radisson Hotel and Olympic Casino Voodoo are located in the same building in Riga city center.

As mentioned, Riga is the top destination when it comes to playing casino games offline. However, one great way to enjoy a thrilling gambling vacation is to play in casino hotels.

Casino hotels are, in their essence, regular hotels which simply also include a gambling hall. These establishments go all out in the effort to provide luxurious experience to every visitor. Thanks to casino hotels, you can spend a great weekend playing your favorite games while having the chance to rest comfortably in a beautiful hotel room.

There are several amazing casino hotels in Riga, but these 4 hotels are the most brilliant choices for every gambler:

  1. Royal Casino Spa & Hotel Resort – this breathtaking hotel is without a doubt one of the biggest entertainment complexes you can find in Riga. Besides having a gorgeous casino, it also includes a fitness center, karaoke bar, restaurants, and clubs. Website:
  2. Europa Royale RigaEuropa Royale pampers your every sense with its romantic and luxurious touch. The hotel’s casino hall looks just like from Hollywood movies, not to even mention the historical restaurant.
  3. Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel – Radisson is a well-known name for most of us, but their hotel in Riga includes Olympic’s Voodoo Casino which is one of the most exotic casinos in Latvia.
  4. Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga – this 5-star hotel will simply take your breath away from the moment you see its building and the casino that operates there isn’t a random one either – it’s actually the world-famous Shangri La casino. Great Art Deco style and professional service will delight every gambler for sure. Website:

How to Choose the Best Online Casino?

Now that you know the pros and cons of playing in online and physical casinos, there’s one big question to tackle: how to choose the best possible gambling site?

Fortunately, it’s easy to separate the wheat from the chaff even when you aren’t too familiar with online gambling. Here are a few things to keep in mind before opening an account on an online gambling site:

  1. Check the software providers – an online casino is only as good as the software that’s being used. If the casino is collaborating with reputable software providers, you can be sure that games are ethical and legitimate. Some of the most well-known online gambling software providers are Net Entertainment, Microgaming and Playtech.
  2. Check the license – as per the Latvian government’s regulation, all gambling operators need an official license. Unlicensed gambling sites are put to the government’s blacklist and internet service providers will block access to those websites. Though the government is doing its best to protect Latvian gamblers by blocking unlicensed and potentially harmful gambling sites, it’s still advised for you to take extra caution as well and to check the gaming license before depositing. If the casino is licensed, you’re good to go!
  3. Check the bonuses – simply put: bonuses make gambling in online casinos a lot more fun since you get a chance to play without risking with your own funds. Whether it’s free spins or bonus money, the most valuable and enjoyable casinos are the ones that offer great bonuses as well.

Keep in mind to play safely and reasonably. Never bet with money you can’t afford to lose – that’s the golden rule you should never ignore. Playing with small bets also means the fun lasts longer since you don’t burn the cash that fast!

Is Online Gambling Safe?

There were times when people were quite skeptical about using internet services, especially the ones related to monetary transactions since they were afraid of falling into the trap of scams.

However, those days are long gone and no Latvian gambler has any reason to worry about their safety while playing online. As mentioned above, gambling is regulated in Latvia and only legitimate companies can receive an official gambling license – and when you’re playing in a licensed casino, there’s nothing to worry about since the gambling operator has gone through a huge trouble to receive that precious license.

All casinos that you might find at are licensed and completely safe for Latvian players – you can be sure that none of those casinos are out to scam players. Their goal is to provide excellent gambling experience.

If you’re not entirely sure about something related to the gambling world, feel free to visit to find answers to everything gambling-related – our helpful articles will give you the answers you might be searching for.